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Tom Johanning

In 1989 and 1990 I became very interested in making knives after reading many articles about knives that were capable of being pushed through car doors and steel drums. I decided to build a knife that would be much stronger than that. To me, car doors and steel drums didn't seem like much of a test. Upon completion of my prototype, I used a hydraulic press to push it through steel diamond plate. There was absolutely no damage to the edge or point! This is credited to three factors: steel, design, and heat treat. This knife, the Model 11, was made from a 6-1/2 pound bar of modified A-8 tool steel, which I have found to be the main ingredient of its success. After making some improvements over the past few years, I found myself playing catch up with the number of knives being ordered. Some of my customers had to wait over a year for their knife!

After becoming a voting member of the Knifemaker's Guild in 1997, I made the decision to get serious about this knife and completely redesigned it and made it stronger yet. I own and operate the "Florida Knife Company" an industrial machine knife manufacturing company. With a considerable amount of machining capability, Florida Knife will make the blanks for me. Now called the TAC 10 and TAC 11 for Tactical 10" and 11". These knives still start from a bar 13/16" x 2/1/4" x 12". It is ground to .750" x 2.000" x12", then CNC milled to its finish size. Vacuum heat treated to 58 Rc and deep frozen to -125 degrees before temper for extreme toughness. I finish each blade and handle by hand.

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